A blog for clogs and other things.

If you're reading this at the time of posting I'm going to assume you know who I am and what type of things I get up to. This will save me from the horrific task of introducing myself because I really don't want to do that. You can go read my about page if you're interested and one day I might even include some non-silly facts about myself there. 

I'll just say that I am starting this blog out of loneliness and desperation for someone to talk to about my many obsessions and passions. I have been told that I am v. enthusiastic and that maybe I should not expect the world to be as enthused about the same things as me. This hurt my feelings a lot. Even if this is also, maybe, good advice I am going to ignore it and instead believe that we are actually just soulmates and best friends and agree on everything. Wow so happy to finally meet and love you. My hope with this blog is that it solves all my life's problems with next to no effort and rewards beyond my current imagining. I hope this blog is the solution to all your problems too, however lower on my priority list. As long as you expect nothing and adore everything, this will be awesome.

Since it's Monday and we want to get off on the right foot, I think a good way to start this would be a list of things I love. The first thing on my list is you. Since we established that we are very best friends it means I love you most of all. I am going to go find a picture of what I think you look like. Brb. 


You are on the right. 

More things I love include:

Easter bonnets:

Construction paper collars and pompom buttons:


(I feel like primary colours don't get enough credit. Sure they are primary but why aren't people talking about this on a daily basis? Just look at them. Do you feel deeply at peace? I feel deeply at peace.) 

All of James Castle's Animals:


These clogs:


But also these clogs:

This most excellent fish by Jean Derval:

1x1 tiled counter/b-splash. Especially in a nice primary colour, as previously established as being the best:

This is so smart and cheap and looks awesome. You could do so much with this. I once saw a home tour in Maggie Gyllenhaal's house for Archie Digest and she had a mosaic scene in their 1x1 tiled hearth. It was the best hearth I've ever seen. I think there was a polar bear involved. Hold on I will find it. 

Ok this was the best picture of it I could find: BUT JUST IMAGINE:


Via Architectural Digest 

Ferrero Rocher towers:

As far as I'm concerned this is the height of sophistication and success. If you have thrown a party with a Ferrero tower, congratulations, you are awesome. Look at its sheen. It's like a tower of gold which is always classy, only it's better than that because it's a tower made of nutella that is fancy. 

I think that's a good place to end this first post, I don't know how to top nutella, and I've given myself a headache. ttys. 

xo, lucy