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I'm not a "food person", I'm a food person.

When I am scrolling the internet I often have an experience that maybe you can relate to where I have a suggested post or ad and I think to myself "ooh that's a cute outfit" only to realize that it is toddler or baby sized clothing. I am not a toddler or baby-sized person and this makes me sad! It happens like really so much and I can't help but ask myself why: Why can the world not pull together their resources and do the one thing we've all been desperately waiting for which is to create children's clothing for adults? It seems like such an obvious idea that I've never really considered seriously doing it myself, though I've threatened to....

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A blog for clogs and other things.

If you're reading this at the time of posting I'm going to assume you know who I am and what type of things I get up to. This will save me from the horrific task of introducing myself because I really don't want to do that. You can go read my about page if you're interested and one day I might even include some non-silly facts about myself there.  I'll just say that I am starting this blog out of loneliness and desperation for someone to talk to about my many obsessions and passions. I have been told that I am v. enthusiastic and that maybe I should not expect the world to be as enthused about the same things...

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