I'm not a "food person", I'm a food person.

When I am scrolling the internet I often have an experience that maybe you can relate to where I have a suggested post or ad and I think to myself "ooh that's a cute outfit" only to realize that it is toddler or baby sized clothing. I am not a toddler or baby-sized person and this makes me sad! It happens like really so much and I can't help but ask myself why: Why can the world not pull together their resources and do the one thing we've all been desperately waiting for which is to create children's clothing for adults? It seems like such an obvious idea that I've never really considered seriously doing it myself, though I've threatened to. If you have the resources to make this idea a reality here are my steps creating said fashion brand:

1. Soft, natural fabrics: Obviously one thing about kids clothes is that everything needs to be washable but high quality so that you would want to put it on your special little potato person (child) because you love them so much. I want to treat myself like I am my own potato person. A cozy little 35 year old potato. 

2. Lots. Of. Detail: I really don't know why adult clothing is so boring. If there is an opportunity to add a bow, why not seize that opportunity? If you are able to add a ruffle and a pocket with a snap, could you? I think the goal here is to be better. Just be better! 

3. Soft and friendly colour palette but lots of it: This really is self-explanatory. You know when you walk into a kids clothing store and feel immediately calm? You know when you are buying a stuffed animal for your friend's new potato and so you just buy yourself a few at the same time? Of course you do. We all do. Anyways that's because the colours are so wonderfully muted and soft, and that's what you're going for. Calm and colourful. 

4. Think full outfits: The thing about kids clothes is that they are often sold as a whole look at once on their tiny little racks. Imagine that except instead of spending 35 baby gap dollars on a whole outfit you're spending hundreds! Cute right? 

5. Lots of prints: A continuation on detail. Print mixing is very important to a brand specializing in children's clothes for adults. 

6. Shape be simple: You basically want to make clothes like you're drawing only in geometric shapes. Children's clothing designers don't use the baby as a guide because, as I've already mentioned, babies are the same shape as potatoes. So when you are designing a shirt, always draw as a square or a triangle. Collar? Half circle. Pants? Double rectangle. It's easy! 

7. Cute but not cutesy: You think a sweatshirt with a dinosaur on it is cute? Excuse me but have you seen Jurassic Park? That is a PG 13 movie. What is cute about that?

Anyways, I'm pretty sure I've convinced you. Thank you for making up your mind so swiftly. 

The other thing that mostly kids get to enjoy and not adults is food that is shaped like people, which is the ACTUAL topic of this post and all that was just a long-winded intro. FOOD PEOPLE, PEOPLE. 

I have recently come across a SLEW of these fun food friends and I cannot love them more. They are delight, they are enchantment, they are all my new best friends except for you. I found so many thanks to the internet, some from artists some from ad campaigns and I thought we'd scroll through a couple of them together and have a few or many laughs! Let's begin: 


I love this face by Carl Kleiner. I love his little head tilt as though he's thinking some non-vegetable thoughts. He is full of life and I love the texture of the broc next to the kale. Best broc and kale combo I've seen.


Is that a face made up of a bunch of babies? No! Those are ACTUAL potatoes. It's so easy to mix up babies and potatoes. This face is very fun. I especially love the use of the mushroom gills for irises and lids/brows. This is a great success despite no babies used! Face by Zahydé Pietri and photo by Emily Dryden


Look at this glutton. Stuffing his face and eating his FRIENDS. Friends he swore he'd never eat. Even though his fingers are made of jelly and citric acid I don't think that's an excuse. A promise is a promise. NEVER EAT YOUR FRIENDS. On the other hand this guy's crown is very cute and I've always said those with cute crowns can do no wrong so carry on, my friend! From the 1950s Dayalets Vitamins ad campaign 


Noodles are the best already but noodles as a person? That's next level status. Look at his wonderful head of hair! I love those twists! And that is a perfect use of a bow-tie pasta as a literal bow-tie. It's not "obvious", it's called destiny. Artist is unknown but deeply loved. 


Another mascot from the Dayalets Campaign. Something about him reminds me of the terrifying puppets of 1980s children's television shows that I grew up on. I love a pastiche pastry pal especially if it'll give me nightmares. Oh? It comes in primary colours as well? Winner! Gagnant! 


I never want you to think "Oh Lucy Pelletier's blog is only for really high art and I can't be included". No. That is, in fact, the opposite of my sentiments and wishes. This is a place for mostly everyone to feel welcome and for me to talk about pasta as hair. I want YOU to feel comfortable and for ME to always be able to bring up pasta as hair as many times as I need to without judgement or consequence. Behold a rudimentary, unsophisticated pasta mane and guess what? I hold it in as much esteem as all of the pasta hairs of all the greats. You hear that Picasso? You ain't shit, man, you're just the same. Everyone's the same, except this lion who is better. 

I can feel my energy leaving me so I will finish on a face of true greatness.


You may not consider this face to be a food face, but are you a fish? I bet you would if you were. Sup fish? Coral much? Also, if you've ever had shell food you'll agree that this is actually very much a food face friend. I rest my case. My favourite parts of this shell food face are his little round shell eyes and the hair. I think he is wonderful. I would smooch him on the nose. Do yourselves a favour and google Pascal Désiré Maisonneuve aka DJ Shells 4 lyf for a super fun Saturday night. 

Well that's all for this one. I hope you enjoyed it and that I haven't made you too hungry! Fortunately it's almost dinner time and we can all finally eat. Have a great night!

xo, lucy